Delhi High Court Order: Functioning Restricted till May 17

The Delhi High Court decided to limit its and the district courts’ functioning to urgent matters only till May 17; as per the extended nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chief Justice D N Patel heads the Administrative and General Supervision Committee of the High Court. The committee in its order decided that the restriction would be in place till May 17; and only urgent matters would continue to be heard through video-conferencing.

The Order By The Committee

โ€œThe progression of hearing of urgent matters in Delhi High Court has been tremendous. Initially, only extremely urgent matters were heard, when the hearings started taking place through video-conferencing. However, with the experience and after taking regular inputs from the Bar; presently, all the urgent matters of all kinds are being taken up by the Delhi High Court as well as the courts subordinate to it. The mentioning in High Court is exclusively through a two-tier weblink; a completely transparent mechanism, which ensures satisfaction for all,” the order states.

All the courts in Delhi, including High Court; have already dealt with more than 11,427 urgent matters after the announcement of lockdown, as per the order.ย The mentioning in High Court is exclusively through a two-tier weblink, a completely transparent mechanism, which ensures satisfaction for all.

All the cases listed in the high court, before the registrars and joint registrars, from May 4 to 17 stand adjourned to the corresponding dates between June 1 and June 15. The matters listed in the district courts during this period also stand adjourned. The courts will upload the information on their websites.

Use Of Video Conferencing

The video-conferencing started firstly with one division bench and one single-judge bench.ย  It constantly increased to two division benches and six single benches on all working days; the number of benches subject to an increased depending on the workload.

The facility of videoconferencing is set up within the court complex of Delhi High Court for the advocates not having the requisite infrastructure in their respective residences or offices. The Order also directs District Courts to create such facility in their respective court complexes.

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