Delhi HC Seeks a Response from Netflix on Plea Against ‘Hasmukh’

The Delhi High Court sought Netflix’s response on a plea for stopping the airing of the web series ‘Hasmukh‘. The ground of such a plea is that it purports a bad image of lawyers, thereby blotting their reputation. An application also filed seeking an interim stay on the airing of the web series. The lawsuit filed by lawyer Ashutosh Dubey also sought directions for an unconditional apology. He sought directions to the producers, directors, and writers. To tender unconditional apology online for damaging the image of the lawyer’s community.

Consequently, Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva asked Netflix and the web-series producers, director to file their written statements; on the main suit and the application. The suit seeks a permanent ban on the airing of the show. Whereas, the application seeks interim stay on the broadcasting of the show. Advocate Saikrishna Rajagopal appeared for Netflix.

Moreover, Advocate Ashutosh Dubey claims that in episode 4 of the web-series, lawyers referred to as thieves, scoundrels, goons, and rapists. He asserted that the statement is highly unfavourable, defamatory, and brings disgrace to the legal profession. That the statement caused damage to the legal profession and has tarnished the image of lawyers in the eyes of millions of viewers/ subscribers. Thus, he also seeks deletion or removal of the statements and contents from the show ‘Hasmukh’ which allegedly defames the legal profession.

In the application for the interim stay, the High Court has reserved its order while directing Netflix to file a response to the same. The matter will now be heard on July 7, 2020.

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