Deepak Talwar Seeks Bail, Opposition fears Absconding

A corporate lobbyist, Deepak Talwar was accused in the aviation scandal. Talwar filed for bail before a Special Judge. Of course, Enforcement Directorate (ED) opposed the bail during the hearing held via video conferencing. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) claims that he has laundered Rs 160 crores. However, the Court granted bail to Talwar. Handed over to India in January last year by Dubai, Talwar will be released from jail on receipt of Court orders.

Notably, the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation).

Claims Of The Enforcement Directorate

In one of its remand applications filed before the Court, the agency claimed that Talwar received “huge amounts of tainted money” from various foreign entities. This included money received from Air Arabia/ Qatar airways to Asiafield Limited, a Singapore based company. Allegedly, Talwar and his son own both the companies.

The paper further claims that Talwar moved the funds from Air Arabia/Qatar Airways etc. to Asiafield Limited, then to Wave Impex Pvt Ltd and then to Wave Hospitality Pvt Ltd. Deepak Talwar and his family members owned operated ll these entities.

ED had claimed “the layering and laundering” of funds in these entities are continuing till date since 2008. The agency had further said “funds around Rs 160 crores laundered through entities such as Asiafield Limited, Gilt Asset Management Ltd are projected as untainted in M/s Wave Hospitality Pvt Ltd. which is an Indian company and holds Hotel Holiday Inn in Aerocity, Delhi”.

Accusations Against Talwar

Deepak Talwar, allegedly, received Rs 212 crores as commission for acting as a middleman in paying bribes to public servants; politicians to make Air India give up profitmaking routes and timings in favour of local and foreign private airlines. Additionally, Talwar’s NGO Advantage India allegedly used as a “tool for huge tax evasion”.

The accusations claim that Advantage India used to route commission/kickbacks received from foreign companies like Airbus/Isolux Corsan disguised as a donation for charity and for corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities; That, however, the money so received drained off by booking huge false expenses under various heads in its books of accounts.

Talwar has repeatedly denied to the accusations of wrongdoings against him.

Court’s Decision

During the hearing, Talwar claimed that his release would not hamper the investigation in any manner. For the reason of apprehensions against hampering of witnesses or justice by Talwar. The opposition argued that Talwar might try to flee from justice. They referred to his arrest from Dubai; submitting that the accused absconded before.

Taking note of the submissions, Special Judge Ajay Kumar Kuhar granted bail to the accused. However, on the condition that Talwar must be cooperative and not hamper the investigation in any way whatsoever.

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