Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas announced deployment of Artificial Intelligence Software

Artificial Intelligence in Legal Arena
Artificial Intelligence in Legal Arena


Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas is the first firm in India to deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) to overcome the limitations of technology, giving law and their services cutting edge. The main function of Artificial Intelligence in dealing with law is to find out and extract particular provisions from different legislation and other legal document. To execute the adoption of AI, a Canada based company, Kira, has been approached. It is also believed that initially it would be of help to the lawyers and eventually some of the lawyers would be replaced by AI. There are different assumptions made in regard to the application and success of AI. It is assumed that till the year 2030 majority of lawyers would be replaced by AI and tasks can be done in minimum time with maximum accuracy.

In a Press release, Cyril Shroff, Managing Partner of the firm, said: “Our clients expect us to be at the cutting edge of the practice of law, and of the business of law. we recognize that the business challenges of our clients come first, and that we need a suite of different tools and advanced skills to address these.”


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