COVID-19: National Institutional Rankings 2020 Postponed

The Ministry of Human Resource Development has postponed the National Institutional Rankings 2020. The announcement has been on the National Institutional Rankings Framework website. The delay is due to COVID-19 crisis and the subsequent lockdown. However, no future date has been specified by the Ministry. It is postponed until further notice.

An award-giving ceremony took place on 8th April, for last year’s rankings. There is speculation that all submissions for the rankings have already been made and a virtual ceremony might be held. But, nothing is certain at this point. In 2019, NLSUI topped the ranks while NLU Delhi and NALSAR bagged the second and third position, respectively.  Hereinbelow are the 2019 rankings:

  1. NLSIU Bangalore
  2. NLU Delhi
  3. Nalsar Hyderabad
  4. IIT Kharagpur
  5. NUJS Kolkata
  6. NLU Jodhpur
  7. SLS Pune
  8. Jamia Millia Islamia
  9. GNLU Gandhinagar
  10. RGNUL Patiala
  11. NLIU Bhopal
  12. Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology
  13. ILI
  14. RMLNLU Lucknow
  15. BR Ambedkar College of Law

National Institutional Rankings Framework published the data with utmost transparency. It was useful and laudable. However, it must be noted that a few Law Colleges did not participate in the process. The watchers of NIRF are concerned because of the announcement made by the Ministry of Human Resource in December 2019. It stated that Indian Ranking society might be doing a very similar thing to NIRF soon.

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