Corpse Dumped in a Garbage Van in Uttar Pradesh, NHRC Takes Cognizance

On 12th June 2020, the National Human Rights Commission(NHRC) took suo motu cognizance of media reports regarding the mishandling of a corpse in Uttar Pradesh. It issued notices to the Chairman, Municipal Corporation Balrampur and the Director General of Police, UP; ordering them to submit a detailed report on the matter in four weeks. The man died near a government office in Utraula block of Balrampur District in Uttar Pradesh. Later, the Municipal workers dumped him in a garbage van. Surprisingly, a Sub-inspector and two constables were a part of the mute bystanders showing disregard to the inhumane act of dumping a corpse in a garbage van. It further stated:

They have not only failed to do their duty but also crossed the limits of the sickening cruelty. This is a serious issue of violation of human rights.

The Chief Secretary, Government of Uttar Pradesh will issue the important guidelines to all the district and municipal authorities about the issue. It will include guidelines about immediate and necessary measures for handling of corpses and patients. Accordingly,  authorities must ensure that the bodies of the deceased persons are treated with dignity. Moreover, the people in need of immediate medical care found on the roads are attended to promptly.

In addition, the State Government will assess cremation grounds and burial places for COVID infected patients who died. This will ensure that the local people do not unnecessarily harass the relatives of the deceased. The Superintendent of Police, Balrampur has prima-facie found one Sub Inspector and two constables guilty in the matter.

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