Centre Backs Up Internet Speed Restrictions in J&K

A Supreme Court Bench led by Justice NV Ramana sought the Centreโ€™s reply on all petitions challenging internet speed restrictions in Jammu and Kashmir. In essence, the PILs by Foundation of Media Professionals and Private Schools Association, Jammu & Kashmir (PSAJK). As a matter of fact, Attorney General K.K. Venugopal submitted that the Centre cannot ignore the issue of militancy.

In like manner, the Attorney General argued that militancy in Kashmir is an ongoing phenomenon. For this reason, he cited an incident of 500 people attending the funeral of a militant. In view of the contentions by the AG, the Court directed the Centre to submit a report in this regard. On the other hand, Senior Advocate Huzefa Ahmadi took note of the AGโ€™s submissions. Accordingly, he suggested that internet speed restrictions can be lifted in areas having a low risk of militancy.

Ahmadi pointed out that the Court should also consider other issues surrounding internet speed restrictions. This includes the issue of online education for students. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta went on to submit that the Centre also needs to address the issue of whether students in Kashmir have laptops or not. Adding that it will file a detailed and consolidated report in this regard.

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