Bihar Court Comes to the Aid of a Boy Guilty of Crime

Bihar Sharif Court in Nalanda district of Bihar rescued a 16-year-old boy. Juvenile Justice Board in Bihar Sharif area detained him. He was apprehended for committing theft. He snatched the purse of a woman in the marketplace. However, interestingly, the court ordered the police to release the boy and provide him with food and clothes. As a result, the Judicial Officer Manvendra Mishra noted that the boy was forced to commit theft. He did this to support his starving family. The boy informed about his condition to the Bihar court. He worked in the unorganized sector. Due to the prevailing lockdown, he was unable to support his mentally unsound widow mother and younger brother. This forced him to commit theft.

On account of these submissions, the Bihar court directed his release. It directed the Block Development Officer (BDO) to help the boy get an Aadhar Card and the family’s ration card. Court further ordered the BDO to register boy’s widowed mother under Widow Pension Scheme of the state government. It should be ensured that funds are provided to the family under the government’s housing scheme for the poor. The respective authorities have to comply with the directions. Thereafter, have to submit the report before the court within four months.

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