Bail Applicant charged for Contempt,’Trapped in his own Net’: Gujarat High Court

The Gujarat High Court heard a case related to the Bail application. The Single Judge bench consisted of Justice Bela M. Trivedi. To explain, a mysterious caller tried to influence the Judge hearing the case. Thereafter, the court discovered that the bail applicant himself hired the mysterious caller.

In effect, the court took a stern view of the unprecedented incident; thereby initiating the contempt of court proceedings against the applicant and the caller. Additionally, the court checked the record of WhatsApp messages exchanged between the two; further remarking that “the applicant/ accused desirous to obtain the anticipatory bail is now trapped in his own net laid for trapping others.

Facts of the Case

Justice Trivedi received a series of calls and messages concerning the bail application of the accused. The caller identified himself as MLA Niranjan Patel. Being that, the Registrar of the High Court initiated a preliminary inquiry; revealing that the caller’s number was registered in the name of one Tofikbhai Vohra. In effect, the court ordered police to probe into the matter. The police discovered that MLA Patel never made any such calls. Moreover, Tofikbhai Vohra was a Xerox shop owner; the caller used his number to influence the judge. The Police recognized the caller through the CCTV installed near the shop. Thereafter, he was produced before the court.

Court’s Take

The court remarked his conduct as highly deplorable and unpardonable. The applicant failed to show respect to the justice delivery system and has no regard for truth. In light of the above facts, the court dismissed the bail application; for the applicant has acted dehors the process of law.

While calling it a “Well designed but ill-motivated mission”, the court initiated the contempt proceedings. Lastly, the court held that the malpractices and the tactics of the litigants cannot obstruct the judicial functions.

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