Andhra High Court Drafts Model for Shifting of Migrant Workers

On May 22, 2020, the Andhra Pradesh High Court drafted a model in the State for the shifting of migrant workers. For the reason of lack of coordination; between some Officers of the Government with the Red Cross and Para Legal Volunteers. The Division Bench noticed some of the officials not cooperating; due to which adequate arrangements are not reaching the migrant workers as intended by the Government. Also, for the reason of the Higher Officials of the State Government not responding for the arrangements to remove all these inconsistencies urgently.

The Division Bench noted the tragic state of migrant workers in the state; forced to undertake kilometres long journey on foot due to the lockdown. On May 15, the High Court issued directions to ensure the availability of basic amenities to the walking migrants. Further, the Court ordered the mentioned directions to be observed strictly.

Notably, the direction stands applied in the matter of shifting of these migrant workers by Government buses, private buses, and Railways.ย  To elaborate, in case of buses, the arrangement has to be made within 48 hours; whereas, in the case of trains, the same must be made within 96 hours. Consequently, on a request made by the State Government, the bench enforced upon the Railway Department to abide by these directions; to make adequate arrangements to shift the migrant workers.

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